Siúil A Rún – Coming Nov 16th!

Love or absolution? Which would you choose?

No one expected much of Gráinne Ní Riain. She was the daughter of the village’s most infamous drunk with no promising future ahead of her. Known for her luscious beauty and wickedly sharp tongue, most of the proposals she receives are the lascivious kind.

No one expected trouble from Kady Murphy. The daughter of a respectable, middle-class family, Kady is known for being shy and predictable. When she accepts a proposal from the village’s most influential and affluent bachelor, her family is overjoyed as their engagement solidifies their social status in the valley.

Tight as thieves, these two unlikely friends struggle to hide the truth from themselves and their families: their attachment goes well beyond a simple friendship.

After they are discovered in an illicit embrace, the young women are shunned and banished from their small village. Gráinne flees to Dublin where she witnesses the Easter Rising and commits to spy for the Irish Rebels. Kady escapes to Boston where she joins the Women’s Suffrage movement and accepts another proposal from a boring yet respectable man. They are separated by an ocean yet the women continue their clandestine relationship, keeping each other’s secrets while outwardly trying to regain their family’s approval.

But as they deepen their involvement in their respective movements, they risk much more than mere separation and heartache; they jeopardize their freedom, their families, and their lives.

Siúil A Rún is a coming-of-age story about suggestive glances, stifling decorum, and treasonous movements. Inspired by the traditional Irish folk song, Siúil A Rún is the first novel of the Irish Bard Series.

Release date: November 16, 2016

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