The Molly Malones

She’ll take your soul when you’re alone.
Dear, Sweet Molly Malone
She’ll break your heart and eat your bones.

I’m Molly Malone. Yeah, yeah, yeah. THE ORIGINAL Molly Malone.

Two hundred years ago, I left Ireland to start a new life in America. You know, all that crap about fresh starts and big dreams. That didn’t happen for me. Nope. I was raped then murdered.

Then, for some friggen reason, I was resurrected from my after-life and cursed to exist as a soul-ripper. I’ve spent centuries eating the souls of murderers, pedophiles, and rapists; in spite of all that, I’ve still managed to keep my girlish figure.

That is until recently. That’s when I found myself possessing a foreign body. Like, literally, another chick’s body. She had just committed suicide after being the target of some maliciously foul bullying. When I gazed into her eyes—eyes very much like my own–I found my immortal soul falling into her empty shell.

Now, not only am I dealing with bullying from her spiteful classmates, I’m also fairly vulnerable to the other soul-rippers who hold a grudge against me. I guess you can say, all that shit-talking finally caught up with me. So now I gotta find a way to get out of this body before they find me; otherwise, my soul is totally fucked.

The Molly Malones is the third book in the Irish Bard series.

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